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7 months ago

Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish! We as a company would not go anywhere else from now on in! Attention to detail and knowledge is brilliant and everything is explained in terms we understand ! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

Julie Gainford

7 months ago

In all my experience with solicitors, Arfat has to be up there, in regards to keeping you in the loop and responding! Communication is key and Oakmount are top notch in that regards. Good job all round!

Ngozi Ifere

8 months ago

Over all positive experience, even though the procedure took longer then expected.

Zain Qureshi

9 months ago

Arfat is the most genuinely honest knowledgeable solicitor. superstar. Ive been using oakmount law law for many years now on different matters and each time i got the best result thank you arfat x

Sharon Pendlebury

1 year ago

Minesh was excellent and thorough in his work as a notary public and was the kindest man towards my elderly mum. He went above and beyond to help us and we would recommend his services to anyone who needs the services of a notary public. Thank you Mr Dhokia, you have been wonderful and we cannot thank you enough for helping us navigate our way through French legal paperwork.

Kath Davies

1 year ago

Look no further!! This guy is the one you need. Arfat was fantastic from start to finish. Communication was impeccable, went above and beyond throughout the process. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thanks again Arfat!!

Richard Arends

1 year ago

Professional and thorough commercial lease completion, consistent communication and very friendly staff. Arfat knows his stuff and was a pleasure to work with. Oakmount staff were friendly on every visit. Look forward to working with them for future endeavours.

Hussein Umar

1 year ago

I have used Oakmont Law from many years, very professional and helpful , specially Mr Minesh Dhokia is really brilliant in immigration work. The communication and updates were consistent, i never had to chase a situation up. very pleased with the outcome and response received through out the process by Oakmont Law. I am from Birmingham however the process of my immigration situation was done at the comfort of my home with no problems and worries. WOULD 100% RECOMMEND OAKMOUNT LAW SOLICITORS

Jinky Tank

1 year ago

From our first meeting Arfat he explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and was always very responsive when I had questions outside of our meetings. He change my kids and my life.

LL’s Gloss

1 year ago

Used arfat a few times now, would recommend his services. Very quick and efficient. Always kept me updated with what’s going on. Great service he provides.

Curtis little

1 year ago

First time l contacted Oakmount law was in 2012, to renew my Student Visa and this is when l met Mr Minesh Dhokia. He took my case and help me to get my 5 years visa under Eu. It was a real struggle to get the indefinite stay after the 5 years, we went through all kinds of pain with the HO, refusal, court etc... but throughout the process, Minesh was there to help me, to reassure me, explain me the process etc.... I finally had my Indefinite stay after 2 years of battle and today on the 14/07 l am pleased to say l got my Citizenship approved . I have known Minesh for 9 years and l am really pleased with the results, he really cares about his clients, he will never put money first, and the amazing thing is he will not lie to you, if he thinks it won't work, he will tell, he will tell if the process will be painful or straightforward and whatever decision you take, he will respect that and help you. He won' t let you down. For anyone who do have immigration issues, Please contact MINESH DHOKIA, you won't regret it.

Naomie Ngongang

2 years ago

arfat has been 100 percent at his job fast and friendly service, well recommnded.

Mohmed Maljee

2 years ago

Passion for the job , compassion for the clients , willingness to listen ...that's who they are. Especially Mr MINESH who is good communicator, knowledge of law, he was always an ally and a friend . I recommended him to many friends all of them were happy.

Ali Laamiri

2 years ago

This was quite an experience, i was nervous, upset and frustrated when I first visited Minesh, with the situation I was in and needed legal support, I went into the office and I was put at ease straight away. Minesh was thorough, friendly and made me feel like the situation could be changed with his help. He prepared our case and thoroughly checked through our details, Minesh was available even out of hours and also the barister he arranged was good too, The staff in the office are also lovely. Without Oakmount, I dont think Id be happy and have my case closed and living happily. Thank you so much and I recommend this company to anyone who needs legal assistance.

Heather Waterworth

2 years ago

Amazing help from Minesh Dhokia and his uk Immigration corporate and commercial team for the help he has provided to our business. I just cannot recommend him enough. Thank you from all of us. Without your help, our growth plans would not be possible and now with your guidance, advice and help we can move on and up!

Seva Patidar Ltd

2 years ago

Arfat is the best solicitor I’ve ever dealt with. He was thorough, went above and beyond, customer service was exceptional, always responded quickly and efficiently and nothing was too much trouble. Will definitely use this firm again in the future. Goes without saying, I would highly recommend!

Kalpna Kathiriya

3 years ago

Oakmount solicitors are good at making sure they leave no stone unturned in regards to immigration matters for their clients, i was one of those many clients with peculiar cases that was written of, I mean hopeless minesh was one lawyer that would never give up on anyone no matter how bad the case may be they will still give it a trial and possibly work out something by God's grace and mercy. My own experience shocked many people even minesh himself I was to be deported but by God's grace and minesh's support and my trust and faith in God I have been granted my leave to remain, it was a great privilege to have been able to meet minesh and known oakmount thanks a million times for doing what you do.

Roseline Oamen

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