What people normally ask

I have been given a settlement agreement, what do I do?

We can advise on the terms of the settlement agreement and re-negotiate on your behalf, in addition to advising on all aspects of the exit process.

What is unfair dismissal?

Unfair dismissal occurs when an employer does not have a fair reason to dismiss you, or they did not follow the proper procedure in respect of your dismissal.

Is there a time limit for making an unfair dismissal claim?

If you want to make an unfair dismissal claim, proceedings must be brought within three months less one day of the termination. You may have an extended time limit if you use the services of ACAS.

What are my maternity rights?

Maternity leave is a basic legal right and for up to 52 weeks. This number can increase depending on the individual’s contract of employment. There is an additional right to maternity pay or allowance.

Can I qualify for redundancy?

If you have been continuously employed for two years or more and you are redundant, you have a statutory right to receive a redundancy payment if you are made redundant.

What do I do if I feel discriminated against in the workplace?

If you feel that you are being treated differently or unfairly at the workplace because of your age, sex, race, disability, maternity/pregnancy or sexual orientation, you can bring a claim against your employer.

How can I find out more about my specific situation?

For any questions on the above or to find out more about what you can do, contact Tahera Khan for advice on how to proceed on 01204 267777 or via our contact form.

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