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Employment fees 

Settlement Agreements

For employers

We can advise employers on individual and group exits; whether this is via a redundancy scheme, MARS, or specific individual circumstances. 

FREE advice & sign-off for individuals

We usually charge your employer for the costs of us advising you on the terms and effect of a settlement agreement so that there is no cost to you.

Employment Tribunal

90% of the work that we do is Fixed Fee; however, we have set out below some guidelines for pricing.

Hourly rates

We have a range of lawyers with different levels of experience, across the UK, from £95 - £495 + VAT - depending on your requirements, which will be confirmed to you at the outset.


Straightforward case: £5,000 - £10,000 + VAT

Complex case: £10,000 - £20,000 + VAT

Reasons which would make a case more complex are: whistleblowing, voluminous issues in dispute, numerous witnesses and/or documentation, and/or more than 2 days hearing. 


In addition to the above estimates, it may be necessary to incur the following disbursements:

·       Expert fees: medical reports etc

·       Barrister fees: £1,500 + VAT per day (estimated)

·       Travel costs: fuel, parking or train fares.

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Sale Property  

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